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On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 22:54, Niall Douglas wrote:
> Information, because of its wide extant and subjective nature, is 
> completely useless without an observer. You could even say all data 
> in a computer is mostly useless except for the fact we humans 
> consider it valuable. To a computer program, it processes information 
> which may consist of pure information, other software or mathematical 
> formulae. But it does not know the intrinsic *value* of the 
> information past those three basic groupings.

Sorry but I do not get how this statement take you to the following
You say: Information, is completely useless without an observer.
And also: a computer program does not know the intrinsic *value* of the
On my opinion also a computer program is completely useless without
observers (with a broad meaning for the term observer) and the fact that
a computer program do not know the intrinsic value of the information
does not make it different from information, information does not know
anything about itself either. In this regard a computer program is a lot
like an algorithm which is also in part information (even if it is valid
without observers).

> Hence why software != algorithms != information.

So my idea is: software ~ algorithms ~ information


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