Brasilian state aproves "opensource" law

Rui Miguel Seabra rms at
Thu Dec 5 18:33:51 UTC 2002

Fact: Brasil is like the USA, it has many states...

In an article[1] we are told that the Brasilian state of Rio Grande do
Sul has aproved by a large majority (42-9) a law that makes the state
use only "opensource" software.

There is only access to the law project[2] but the article mentions that
some corrections were made, and the final version will be available as
soon as the Legislative Assembly publishes it.

I _really_ hope Article 1 was changed, for it seems to forbid most free
software, along with all proprietary software:
It roughly translates like this:

Article 1
§ 1º - An open program is that which has a an intellectual or industrial
property license that does not restrict in any form copying,
distributing, usage or altering its original characteristics, assuring
the user unrestricted, and without extra costs, access to its source
code, permitting partial or total modification of the program for its
perfection or adaptation.


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