EUCD alarm (Re: EUCD in Portugal)

Alexandre Dulaunoy adulau at
Thu Dec 5 14:02:21 UTC 2002

On 4 Dec 2002, Reinhard [ISO-8859-1] Müller wrote:

> Am Mit, 2002-12-04 um 21.10 schrieb Loic Dachary:
> > 	Is someone feeling like writing a press release summarizing
> > the current situation all over Europe and ring the bell world wide ?
> > Accurate information is centralized at
> > Best content available at
> >
> If somebody wants to do this, I can provide detailed information for the
> situation in Austria. Just ask in private mail :-)

Don't         hesitate        to        update         the        Wiki about the  status in your own
country. (Everybody can update the page)


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