Capaigning against software patents

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Thu Dec 5 00:25:58 UTC 2002

El Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 12:28:47AM +0100, Jan Wildeboer deia:
> Niall Douglas wrote:
> >There are some very cheap ways to get accurate figures. One would be 
> >to send a short questionaire to software companies asking if they 
> >feel software patents will cost them (obviously you include 
> >documentation explaining them - preferably with a pro and con 
> >section).
> >

This is not cheap either in time or money. And we only have some weeks, 
I guess.
Anyway, we already have some 400 societites having signed the 
petition at, and some 130000 individuals. 

There was a consultation by the Commission (and others elsewhere).
91 % of replies were against swpats,  but they don't seem to care

> >Obviously this would require some money for postage. It duplicates 
> >making them aware of the issue though, so it's well spent.
> Why not contact them via email and provide some links? They are software 
> companies after all ...
> A decent and well-written template could be a good result of this 
> interesting discussion.

You may be interested in
for ideas.

> I think it is unreasonable to ask the FSF for funds when on the other 
> hand the term Free Software should be avoided. It should be a broad 
> coalition of interested people, companies and NGO.
That coalition is Eurolinux, the group who has fought harder against 
software patents and who should be preferably used to coordinate action.

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