My alternative busines model

Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope at
Wed Dec 4 21:57:05 UTC 2002

On 3 Dec 2002 at 21:42, Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:

> Thank you, that's what we will continue to do.
> We also already have an alternative to proprietary software:


> > Remember - it's the *code* which is protected not the algorithm.
> Why does it need protection?
> What is the pratical difference from an algorith to a high level
> language? Are they not possibly even the exact same thing? I can write
> algorithms in C (for instance, abstracting to do some stuff like
> malloc to make things simpler to read).

Whether they are or not is unimportant. It's whether keeping the 
algorithms distinct from any implementation is better for the 
industry. I, and hope everyone in here, would say yes.
> I'd say that most entrepreneurial force missing with software libre is
> not there because they do not want to make business benefitting the
> consumer but because they want to get rich^W^Wmake a living.

I have no problem with people being rewarded for doing a good job. I 
think there should be limits placed on abusing ones position once 
you've reached it but sure, money motivates people to do mostly good 
for society if the legal structure is balanced right.

> That can only change _for_real_ if we all unite in an effort to
> promote software libre, which is not something you will help by trying
> to get someone here to agree with you. You won't. That's mostly spam
> :)

I think I understand software libre better than you do. If I didn't I 
wouldn't be saying all these uncomfortable things, now would I?

> We subscribe this mailing because of software libre, what it is and
> what it means, and are willing to help you understand it. We're not
> here to follow the latest trend in software, so we won't run in flocks
> to Yet Another Try to reap the technical benefits of software libre
> while still being proprietary.

Well I find it most unfortunate that you are so closed-minded you 
refuse to consider that your dogma may be wrong. Sure, I'm not 
expecting everyone to switch just like that, but the least I expect 
from an obviously intelligent person is the ability to keep 
themselves open to new ideas and possibilities.

Otherwise, we'd still be bowing before kings and burning witches ...


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