How to promote free software

Lackyboy lackyboy at
Tue Dec 3 20:02:51 UTC 2002

>And you'll get it. But you won't get it from hopeless idealists thinking
>that "We The People" can make sod all of difference in these matters.
>You'll get it from people who are realistic enough to realise that this
>fight is going to be very, very drawn out, and won't be won simply by
>winning the argument. If that were all that there was to it, we'd have
>done so already.

Well I hate to say this but it is because of these idealists that this 
issues get attention. Besides
that as you state about the tone focusing on politics, is not also a 
good political sense to let the opposition know that you are not willing 
to bend the other and not leave a faint air of doubt in your beliefs?

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