GPL not encouraging new technology

MJ Ray markj at
Mon Dec 2 00:04:22 UTC 2002

Niall Douglas <ned at> wrote:
> Proprietary software tends to get money much earlier in its 
> development cycle because the workers need paying.

This does not change for free software if you are developing it

> Free software tends to get money only once it's mostly complete and mature
> because you can't sell something which isn't written yet. The only source
> of substantial funding for infant free software is government grants, and
> those really are bespoke.

And this is untrue, I believe.  I'll work more on disproving it later.

> In the contracts I've worked upon, it's explicitly written that all 
> rights become the purchaser's. Could be a military thing though.

I think it probably is.  Normally, it is negotiable.


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