GPL not encouraging new technology

MJ Ray markj at
Sun Dec 1 23:35:28 UTC 2002

Niall Douglas <ned at> wrote:
> No, but money arrives to GPL projects much later (and less of it)  
> than to commercial so therefore proving my point.

[etc etc ad inf... the above is just a typical quote]

Please, stop waving your hands and bring up numbers.  If you have, I
apologise but I missed them in the volume of email, so could you point me
towards them?

Also, you still seem to be stuck in the conventional software models despite
accusing others of wearing blinkers.  Please help me resolve the apparent
contradictions in your reply.  Concise clear replies to each thread
individually in turn might make your writing less confusing.

Of course, you may not care whether anyone else understands your thoughts. 
If that is the case, please disregard my grumble.


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