How to promote free software

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On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 07:34:34PM +0100, Onno Timmerman wrote:
> There where 7 politicians at the last conference. I believe 2 didn't make it and
> one came at the end.
> I'm afraid I gave my list to Richard Stallman. 
> I agree Free software should not be the main focus because it affects all
> software. However the EU wants on one hand free software/open source to work.
> This to put weight against the mono culture Microsoft. If they should accept
> software patent then the EU is shooting it self in the foot. So its certainly a
> valid argument to explain why they shooting them self in the foot.

I guess it depends who you talk to.  If you talk to someone who is at least
somewhat familiar with free software, then it can not harm to mention that
additional argument.  But hand to heart, it's just more impressive and
easier to talk about the software industry as a whole.


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