wrt U of California violating the GPL...

David Turner novalis at gnu.org
Fri Aug 30 16:56:43 UTC 2002

OK, I'll mark this as resolved.  

On Fri, 2002-08-30 at 07:43, Jerome Alet wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems that the University of California San Diego which violated 
> the GPL has decided to finally stop using my JAXML software in newer 
> releases of their ENV software. The 0.9.4 you can download from 
> their website, published on August 29th, doesn't use my GPLed library 
> anymore, so they still use their own non-free license. 
> Older versions doesn't seem to be available for download anymore.
> I'm still not officially informed of this, I've just checked their 
> website. 
> However their website doesn't have a single word nor apologize about 
> their passed illegal behaviour, and coming from a University I find
> this **VERY** impolite (I also work in an University).
> They violated the GPL and my rights for at least nine consecutive 
> months, so I expected at least a word from them on this subject. 
> They only tell users of previous versions "please replace it with 
> the current version". 
> Don't you find this "disturbing" ?
> Anyway thanks to ALL who helped to solve this case in a pacific way ! 
> The GPL will not go to court this time :-(
> Thanks again to all.
> Jerome Alet
-Dave Turner
Free Software Licensing Guru

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