GPL violation : help needed

Jerome Alet alet at
Thu Aug 29 08:00:39 UTC 2002

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 12:42:29AM +0200, Anne Possoz wrote:

> Sorry but I am not sure if I follow your arguments:
>  1 C at LL is really strongly committed to Free Software
>  2 Their own license makes restrictions on who can download their
>    software and doesn't allow commercial redistribution of their software
>  3 or by paying me a fee to obtain my software under a license compatible
>    with theirs
> I don't see how 1 is compatible with 2+3. Do you really mean that
> you would accept that they violate the GPL as long as they give you some
> money?


I prefer them to GPL their work, as I've explained to them in an 
email which was also CCed to the FSF (rms, etc...). That's the 
solution I sincerely hope they'll choose. Unfortunately I haven't 
published the different messages exchanged so you have to trust me I 

However another solution for them is to pay me a fee to obtain my 
software under a different license. So I'll send them my software 
with another license for exclusive use in their software, but my own 
version will remain GPLed. This is the solution they have to choose 
if they refuse to GPL their work. In this case they wouldn't violate
the GPL anymore since they would receive my software under a license
which is not the GPL.

If they refuse both solutions, then probably the GPL will be tested in
court... A solution I don't like, that's why I asked for help there.

> Legally, as you have the copyright, I presume you are allowed to
> do what you want. But, being committed to free software, wouldn't
> you prefer to enforce the GPL so that we continue to build the
> common?

Read above please.

And yes I've been in touch with the FSF to which I CC all emails
exchanged with UCSD.

bye, and sorry if you misunderstood my intentions

Jerome Alet

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