GPL violation : help needed

Anne Possoz anne.possoz at
Wed Aug 28 22:42:29 UTC 2002

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Jerome Alet wrote:
> If you want to help, you can send them a *POLITE* email asking them
> to stop violating the GPL and my copyrights, explaining why this
> is bad in your opinion.
> More info, links and email addresses are on :

Sorry but I am not sure if I follow your arguments:
 1 C at LL is really strongly committed to Free Software
 2 Their own license makes restrictions on who can download their
   software and doesn't allow commercial redistribution of their software
 3 or by paying me a fee to obtain my software under a license compatible
   with theirs

I don't see how 1 is compatible with 2+3. Do you really mean that
you would accept that they violate the GPL as long as they give you some
money? I like how Eben Moglen, in the affidavit (cfr 16. and 20.)
explains the idea of the free software and the aim of the GPL.

Legally, as you have the copyright, I presume you are allowed to
do what you want. But, being committed to free software, wouldn't
you prefer to enforce the GPL so that we continue to build the

Have you be in touch with the FSF, as suggested by rms on august 26?

> PS : Does any of you know if this is legal or not for me to publish 
> the different email messages exchanged ? Currently they are not 
> published on my site. 

I don't know legally. As already stated, this depends from country
to country. But as far as I understand the netiquette, you should
ask permission before doing this.

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