GPL violation : help needed

Jerome Alet alet at
Wed Aug 28 20:51:57 UTC 2002


About the GNU GPL violation I revealed on this list some days ago : 

I've asked the University of California San Diego to stop infringing 
my copyrights on the JAXML Python module which I distribute under 
the GNU GPL, and which they use in their ENV software published 
under a non-free license. 

After several emails exchanged, they are still studying the problem
but their initial plan is to not do anything.

If you want to help, you can send them a *POLITE* email asking them
to stop violating the GPL and my copyrights, explaining why this
is bad in your opinion.

More info, links and email addresses are on :
If you send them a message, please also send me a CC.

I've not setup a pre-filled web form because I think a few 
original messages are better than hundredths of the same one.

Thanks in advance for your support, and please again BE POLITE.

PS : Does any of you know if this is legal or not for me to publish 
the different email messages exchanged ? Currently they are not 
published on my site. 

Jerome Alet

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