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Subject: GStreamer state of affairs
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License Audit
I have been trying to get many of the libraries we depend on relicensed
from the GPL to the LGPL. Apart from the positive reponse from the
Effectv people I have had little success so far. Problem has actually
not been people saying no, but people being hard/impossible to reach
with their email addresses just bouncing my mail.

One of the positive reponses I got a some time ago was from ffmpeg
author Fabrice Bellard who where willing to let us use the libavcodec
part under the LGPL. Question is if this is enough? If we want to use
the ffmpeg code for avi and asf decoding/encoding I guess I need to ask
if he would be willing to let us use that. Not that switching to ffmpeg
for avi would give us a more restrictive license that avifile as avifile
is also GPL.


Media formats
We currently support a very large number of media formats, but we still
lack support for some of the more important ones like asf, wmf and
realvideo. Our Quicktime support would also become much better if we
could include the sorenson-compatible codec now bundled with Xine. 

There is lots of code available out there for use to use as a starting
point for adding plugins for these formats, question is which code to
use and a factor here should maybe be what chance we have to get to use
that code under the LGPL. I will in addition to contacting ffmpeg also
contact the xine people to see what their willingness to use their stuff
under the LGPL is. Any suggestions for other sources to check with in
order to get access to LGPL code please let me know.

Short term I think getting asf support is the most important task, and
as David Schleef gets our browser plugin up and running maybe having
wmf/real support will become more important if we want to transparantly
support webradio etc.


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Not the best of days... unfourtunately :(

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