arch, was Re: SourceForge has drifted away

MJ Ray markj at
Wed Aug 14 15:52:01 UTC 2002

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:
> This depends on how interested you are in keeping it alive. If you are
> intested in keeping it alive and other conditions occurr it makes a lot of
> sense to assist that project.  [...]

Indeed it does.  I'm evaluating it at present, but are there others here who
are supporting it?  Is PayPal(ugh) the only way to donate?

> As the number of visible Free Software businesses is not high
> the Free Software community as some interest in helping good models
> to be found and promoted. Good business models are the ones that
> completely respect and honor the Free Software values.

...and keep the company running too.

>> Is there some reason why arch isn't part of the GNU project?
> 	+ The author might not have pursued this
> 	+ There are other alternatives and GNU sometimes tries to select one.

Does anyone here who has been watching the project longer know if this was
pursued at all?

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