arch, was Re: SourceForge has drifted away

MJ Ray markj at
Tue Aug 13 19:26:37 UTC 2002

Alexandre Dulaunoy <alex at> wrote:
> 	Regarding the Linux Kernel version control software (I don't name 
> it for not having a thread on the subject ;-), have you seen that arch[2] 
> (mainly Tom Lords) is running into troubles with money and funding ?   

Correct URL is

Yes, there seems to be some "history" there which I don't fully understand. 
Once again, I wonder how much assistance should be given to failing Free
Software businesses, but here the main problem looks like it's been left too
late before seriously seeking commercial sponsors for arch and now the
amount of money required means that it needs some large rescuers.  Is that
accurate, or have I just had my eyes shut?

Is there some reason why arch isn't part of the GNU project?  It seems quite
closely integrated/built on a number of other GNU programs.  Also, I suspect
integration with Savannah is possible, although I can't find the SFTP
patches at the moment.


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