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Alexandre Dulaunoy alex at
Tue Aug 13 18:20:26 UTC 2002

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Florian Weimer wrote:

> "SDN today announced that, the worlds largest Open
> Source development web site, will run exclusively on IBMs DB2 database
> software for Linux"
> It seems that more and more Free Software projects are no longer
> self-hosting.  First the Linux kernel, and now this.
> What's next?  GNU distributions where all software has been compiled
> by a proprietary compiler?

	Yes, this is a pity. Savannah[1] is going well (thanks to all the 
team taking care of savannah) and I suspect a lot of project will move in 
the next few weeks to the Savannah.

	I hope that a lot of project will be part of the GNU project and 
extend the Free Software community with a better understanding of the 
ethical value. 

	Regarding the Linux Kernel version control software (I don't name 
it for not having a thread on the subject ;-), have you seen that arch[2] 
(mainly Tom Lords) is running into troubles with money and funding ?   


[2] http:/

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