The Open Course License

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Fri Aug 9 14:38:47 UTC 2002


> I've just found a new copyleft-license, called "Open Course License".
> It's not fully developed yet, so we can still have our influence on it.

Hmm... my point is: is it worth? Probably the best suggestion we can make
is not writing a new license at all.

> I believe that only Condition 6 requiring "no other fees may be charged"
> makes it non-free. The rest seems FDL-compatible to me.

Unfortunately, but necesseraly, nothing copyleft can be FDL-compatible
unless it uses the FDL. This is not theoretically true, but it
practically is.

Besides that, I see a problem:

> Reuse means:
> 1. Incorporation in whole or in part in other educational materials;
> 2. Modification to make it more fit for the user's educational purposes;

So it's educational-only. This is a serious drawback, besides being definitely
not well-defined and thus fuzzy on a legal level.

Also, what does "near proximity" means? And what does "purpose compatible
with the Open Course License" mean? There is no explicit "purpose"
section, so this is very fuzzy as well.

/alessandro, not a lawyer

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