The Open Course License

Wouter Vanden Hove Wouter.Vanden.Hove at
Tue Aug 6 00:21:59 UTC 2002

I've just found a new copyleft-license, called "Open Course License".
It's not fully developed yet, so we can still have our influence on it.

I believe that only Condition 6 requiring "no other fees may be charged"
makes it non-free. The rest seems FDL-compatible to me.

This is how it looks now:

"Open Course License 0.1"

This material is copyrighted by the author(s) but is available for reuse
under certain conditions described below.

Reuse means:
1. Incorporation in whole or in part in other educational materials;
2. Modification to make it more fit for the user's educational purposes;

Conditions for such reuse include:

1. The material must include in near proximity an appropriate
attribution to the original author(s), including their name(s) and a
reference (preferably a hyperlink) to the original source of the

2. The material must include in near proximity reproduction of the
original copyright notice, including a reference to the Open Course

3. The copyrights of materials compiled from other sources is respected;

4. The material is made available, without prejudice, to anyone for any
purpose compatible with the Open Course License;

5. Further redistribution of the material may only occur under the terms
of this license;

6. Reasonable fees may be charged for redistribution (media, postage,
handling, etc.), but no other fees may be charged. 

Wouter Vanden Hove

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