EUCD and Italy

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Mon Apr 29 20:48:08 UTC 2002

> I got this mail from Andrea Monti :

> [...]
> comme j'avais dit la directive europeene 29/01 a ete  recue dans la loi 
> italienne avec la loi 
> 1mars 2002 n.39

That's not true. After previous notes sent to the list I checked that
specific law, and already reported about it in this list.  Law 39/2002
is a generic delegation to the government to accept a lot of EU
directives.  It's not good news, but it neither is the application of
EUCD in Italy.

Sure article 30 lists the points of 2001/29/CE. No need to quote it
all. All the other articles quote the points of other directives.

The law is at , and
it talks about these directives: 2000/13/CE 2000/14/CE 2000/20/CE
2000/26/CE 2000/31/CE 2000/34/CE 2000/35/CE 2000/36/CE 2000/37/CE
2000/38/CE 2000/43/CE 2000/53/CE 2000/59/CE 2000/62/CE 2000/65/CE
2000/70/CE 2000/75/CE 2000/77/CE 2000/78/CE 2000/79/CE 2000/9/CE
2001/12/CE 2001/13/CE 2001/14/CE 2001/15/CE 2001/16/CE 2001/17/CE
2001/18/CE 2001/19/CE 2001/20/CE 2001/23/CE 2001/24/CE 2001/29/CE
2001/37/CE 2001/40/CE 2001/42/CE 2001/44/CE 2001/45/CE 2001/46/CE
2001/51/CE 2001/55/CE 2001/64/CE 2001/65/CE 2001/77/CE 2001/78/CE
2001/84/CE 2001/86/CE .

So is this the EUCD law? It doesn't look such to me, despite what
Andrea Monti says.

When the government will deliver the proposals, they will be discussed
in parliament. Or not. We are working to have ours discussed.

Hope this is over. At least it is for me, I've other things to do than
dealing with domestic FUD.

/alessandro, not a lawyer but in touch with lawyers

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