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João Miguel Neves joao at
Sun Apr 28 20:07:14 UTC 2002

On Dom, 2002-04-28 at 18:10, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> Loic:
> > (it's already too late for Italy I'm afraid : it became law).
> Could you please expand? None of us ever heard of this. And neither
> our friendly lawyers, even looking specifically for the information.
I found this with google:

Legge 1 marzo 2002, n. 39 

Disposizioni per l'adempimento di obblighi derivanti dall'appartenenza
dell'Italia alle Comunita' europee. Legge comunitaria 2001.
(G.U. n. 72 del 26 marzo 2002 - Suppl. Ordinario n.54)

I don't know italian, but from what I've read this seems like the
implementation of the EUCD.

I really hope I'm wrong... 

						João Miguel Neves
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