Software patents and Free Software implementation

Alexandre Dulaunoy alex at
Mon Apr 15 09:17:48 UTC 2002

Dear all,

We (AEL) are trying to have an updated list of patent owners that permit 
Free Software implementation under a RF licence of their patents.
On the other side, we have also a list of people that don't permit Free 
Software implementation . 

We want to show that software patents hurt the Free Software. 

We have for the moment two company in the waiting queue (we are waiting 
for respond).

 * Cisco Inc. for #5,473,599 in the US for a Hot Standby Redundacy Protocol

 * RSA Securities Inc. for #5,724,428 in the US for a Block encryption algorithm with data-dependent rotations

If they don't respond in the two weeks, they will be in the bad list ;-)
(there is one patent for the moment in the "bad" list and the respond of 
the owner in the bad list for Free Software)

If you have any specific case of software patents hurting Free Software, 
don't hesitate to send it to us. activists at

For more information (the beta page) :

Don't hesite to give feedback. 


Alexandre Dulaunoy

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