Microsoft prohibits GPLed work via licensing of CIFS standards

Joerg Schilling schilling at
Wed Apr 10 12:42:53 UTC 2002

>From: Alex Hudson <home at>

>> While I don't understand why close source cannot be prior art

>Because it's not in the art. The art is Computer Science, not writing
>Sun's OS. The gain of knowledge to Computer Science from Sun having done
>it is zero.

Sorry, this is nonsense! The gain of knowledge to Computer Science from
Linux is zero - most of the "ideas" have been copied from Sun.

If you were right, then Linux hackers would not be able copy Sun's ideas.

In addition, you seem to regret the fact that there are many publically
available white papers from Sun describing SunOS internals - as well
as many RFC's posted by Sun.

>> of course
>> it was documented:

>Yep. Sadly, the documentation only shows you how to access it, not how
>it was done. So, it's not even arguably prior art. With Free Software,
>you are sharing the knowledge of the implementation, which is the
>important thing.

As for the NIT, it could make sense to search the AT&T Streams documents
and white papers for a description of the NIT as a transition help from
BSD to STREAMS based networking.


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