Microsoft prohibits GPLed work via licensing of CIFS standards

Marc SCHAEFER schaefer at
Tue Apr 9 07:50:37 UTC 2002

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Tomasz Wegrzanowski wrote:

> BTW. have you looked at Reiserfs's plans ? It seems that it will
> include something like translators soon. They plan to use it mostly
> for compression-on-fly and encryption-on-fly but it is going to be
> more general than that.

FIST allowed me to implement a test migration filesystem (poor-man's HSM)
on top of ext2 with 2.2.x. mfs is half kernel and half user-space
( Unfortunately the
project is on hold (because lack of interest: disk drives are too cheap

FIST is based on the concept of stacking filesystems.

FIST is apparently available on Solaris, *BSD and Linux, but I only did it
on Linux. 

FIST was written by Erez Zadok

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