Microsoft prohibits GPLed work via licensing of CIFS standards

MJ Ray markj at
Sun Apr 7 10:47:00 UTC 2002

M E Leypold:
>    (2) build an own ressource sharing service. 
> Option (2) is what you suggest, but to ensure interoperability (which
> is the only ticket to getting into existing pure Windows environments)
> would require client software for windows. Don't expect MS to write
> that, and writing (and promoting) it as a GNU project will also be
> difficult, since none of the us AFAIK can access techical
> documentation as freely and as early as MS can. I fear that could end
> like the Browser war.

But I fear that the current situation is going to end like the proprietary
OS "war" of the early 90s.  If you gift MS the clients, they will get more
servers than they ever should have.  If Samba provides the initial "way in"
(hey, we have the way in) for Free Software, then I am happy, but we should
not rest there.  We must provide better services and software for our own
clients, so that we cannot be locked out from providing the servers by dirty
tricks in the client OS.

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