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Wim De Smet wdesmet at yucom.be
Sat Sep 29 09:27:28 UTC 2001

Volker Schlecht wrote:
> > We should be happy about the attention.
> > The work of the FSF, GNU People is not in vain!
> > GNU transports values like: Quality, Stability, Reliability!
> Now that's not bad, but it should transport only one single value:
> freedom.
> It is infinitely more valuable to use a program that's free than one
> that's stable and reliable. Stability and reliability are wonderful
> side-effects of free software, but the main point is that software is
> free.
> I personally don't give a damn on whose CEO thinks that "Open Source"
> is a great idea. I care about software that I can learn from, software
> that I can modify: Software that I can put to real use other than
> point and click on some stupid buttons that some marketroid thought
> useful.
> I care about software that allows ME to let ME use MY computer for
> WHATEVER purpose I want, and that allows ME to share that with my
> fellow humans.
> Everything else is plainly useful, but not really relevant.
> regards,
> Volker
My sentiments exactly. Watch the caps though when you try to explain this to
someone else ;)
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> Fairy Tale, n.:
> A horror story to prepare children for the newspapers.


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