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Thu Sep 27 22:11:45 UTC 2001

On Thursday 27 September 2001 21:53, you wrote:
> Imran Ghory a écrit :
> > Microsoft's copy of the GPL:
> >
> >
> Why is the GPL distributed by Microsoft ?

IIRC, Mircrosoft bought a company called Interix (as in the URL) a while ago 
(a few years), which included a lot of GPL software in a product they 
distributed, which is basically a UNIX-> NT migration kit.

Following on from Eben Moglen's article in this month's Linux User (UK), I 
think it shows the strength of the GPL: if MS were able to get around it, I'm 
sure they would have by now. Instead, they're complying with it, and making 
sure that their source is Free - those that say the GPL is on unsound legal 
ground probably need to argue that with MS's lawyers ;) If Microsoft will 
comply with it, I think it's on pretty steady ground...

Anyway, the problem is not why MS are distributing Free software compliant 
with the GPL: it's how we cut this cancer out from our favourite proprietry 
software provider ;)



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