"Why we speak about Free Software" campaign

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Fri Sep 7 00:39:16 UTC 2001

Hi Reinhard,

 || On Thu, 06 Sep 2001 10:41:02 +0200
 || Reinhard Müller <reinhard.mueller at bytewise.at> wrote: 

 rm> So what would a company have to do to support the campaign?  Put
 rm> a link on their web site? Give it's name to be listed on the
 rm> campaign page?  Something else?

There are several possible ways I can think of for a company to
support the campaign:

 - ask to be listed on project page (possibly with small version of

 - distribute the initiative through its own press channels as a
   campaign it supports

 - link to the initative from its web site

for the third it would be quite helpful to have a little button/banner
to put online.

There maybe be other ways, but these would be the ones that come
directly to my mind.


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