[Pointer] CfV Deletion of de.comp.gnu

Matthias Leisi matthias at astrum.ch
Wed Sep 5 21:05:14 UTC 2001

For those of you reading the german-speaking newsgroup de.comp.gnu and who
might have missed it: The 2. CfV for the deletion of de.comp.gnu has just
been posted (Message-ID: <CfV2-loeschung-de.comp.gnu-05.09.2001 at dana.de>) to

Since the rules in de.* for campaining on CfVs outside of Usenet are rather
strict, I'm not posting any opinion or suggestion on the content of the CfV
or your ballot.

To get a picture of the discussion, please read the threads starting with
the Message-IDs <RfD1-loeschung-de.comp.gnu-26.07.2001 at dana.de> and
<RfD2-loeschung-de.comp.gnu-10.08.2001 at dana.de> in de.admin.news.groups
(take a few hours of time for the suggested reading ;) ).


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