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Paul Tansom paul at
Mon Sep 3 22:57:10 UTC 2001

Sometime on Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 05:21:14PM -0600, Richard Stallman typed out the following...
> I suggest that you ask people to report problems *to you alone* and
> not post them on any mailing list.  It looks like the discussion on
> that list is counterproductive, and that a private discussion with
> Richard Morrell, conducted by someone who can be diplomatic, is the
> best way to get the problems corrected.
> Note that one problem, a condition imposed by text on their web site,
> would be fixed by the change that they said they would install.
...and that's all Richard Stallman wrote I'm afraid

OK, not wanting to stretch out the thread unnecessarily, but if you want to
bounce anything off me, or want help in anyway I am more than willing.  I'm the
Smoothwall Community bod and nothing if not easy going and diplomatic.  'tis
why Richard wanted me to do it :-)

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talking to windows is only 1 step away from talking to the wall!
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