Linux on Windows

MJ Ray markj at
Wed Oct 31 18:10:21 UTC 2001

Josef wrote:
> simo.sorce at said:
> > Solution: push for open standards, or better, push for free (as in
> > freedom) data formats for your data. 
> I agree with this, though I don't understand why that is linked to the OS.
> For me to move to something else from MS Word I still need to be able to 
> convert from/to the ubiquitous MS Word format and retain the information 
> (including tables, headings, Graphics). That is not yet possible [...]

There you go!  The problem is that MS Word is not a standard format, much
less an open one, and the vendor only provides applications which can use
that format on closed OSes.  Here, you even make the point yourself:

> I can run MS Word only on MS Windows because of Bill Gates closed policy.

People must wake up and realise that having files in MS Word format is not a
good idea.  If they do not have MS Word any more (eg MS invokes and enforces
their termination clauses), they effectively do not have their data any
more.  How we can make them realise that?  Suggestions, please!

> I can run Octave only on Linux because of RMS's closed policy?

Last I heard, it ran under cygwin.  Is that not the case?


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