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Wed Oct 31 14:00:02 UTC 2001

Josef Dalcolmo <dalcolmo at> writes:

> My point is: it would be great if the whole GNU/Linux system would be ported 
> to Windows: Linux as a program running in Windows. That should be possible, 
> just like any other port to a new machine, and would immediately allow access 
> to the whole rich world of Linux applications. As a next step, cut-and-paste 
> between Windows and Linux could be implemented making this a wonderful 
> solution to benefit of many free software solutions.

As far as I remembered, RMS was against porting free software on
proprietary OS. If I remember correctly, the argument was: "Don't
improve proprietary OS with our free software".

However, in my humble opinion, I see this step as a transition step
towards a fully free world. 

For example, people a reluctant to install Linux on their Windows
machine. But now it is possible to install on it (or The
Gimp) and to show them the power of free software. The last step is to
pull them on GNU/Linux. I think they will be less against the move as
they already know part of the applications. 

What do you think of that? 

And what about policy? If we provide free software for proprietary OS
(like Windows), should we insist to put the source on the same
package/CD? Should we put a prominent warning saying "this software is
free software with the following 4 rights bla bla"[1]?

Best regards,

[1] Of course, in that case, they could edit the source to suppress the
    warning. It would be thus an incentive to understand and get into
    the source, and thus its philosophy. ;)

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