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Wed Oct 31 11:18:31 UTC 2001

Stefano Maffulli <stef at zoomata.com> (by way of Stefano Maffulli <stef at zoomata.com>) writes:

> There will NEVER be common ground between us and them, don't you
> think? They defend those that sell and distribute proprietary
> programs. We are pro free software. There is nothing in common,
> IMHO, not even a short-term aim.

If it was not possible or worthwhile to copy software illegally, we
would see a tremendous increase in the use of free software.  Quite a
few people who run illegal copies simply cannot afford to buy the
software (or if they could afford it, the price of proprietary
software would still be an incentive to use free software).

So defending distributors of proprietary programs against illegal
copying ist linked with free software issues, and I believe the people
on the proprietary software front know this quite well.

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