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Sat Oct 20 05:39:45 UTC 2001

MJ Ray a écrit :
> Tomasz Wegrzanowski <taw at users.sourceforge.net> writes:
> > And copyright is evil law that should be abolished..

Hi every body,

I don't often talk on this group because I don't speak very good english but I want to try to explain what I'm thinking about piracy and copyright.

I agree with people says that piracy is steal because the most people who uses "cracks" are people they think that the software is a good software but thez don't want to buy it.
But I think that abusiv copyright are evil too.
However, the intellectual-property is a freedom too. If I don't want to share my softwares, I can do it. If some one don't want to buy a software, he don't buy.

But there is another side of cracking : sometimes I "crack" softwares because I like cracking but I never use the softwares I crack (because there are not free softwares :). I think cracking is interesting with the point of view of the asm programmer.

I have a illegal copy of win98, because I can't re-install my OEM version and I don't want to buy 2 times for one computer but that's all (but I don't aften use win)

Finaly, if I think there is "good" reasons of cracking, most often it's only stilling and if we don't agree with the property softwares, we must use free softwares. The people who crack don't say "We crack because intellectual-property is bad", they say "We crack because M$-Word is too expensive".

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