Systems 2001: Panel Discussion GNU/Linux and Free Software

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Fri Oct 19 14:45:34 UTC 2001

* MJ Ray (markj at [011019 14:46]:
> Frank Koormann <frank.koormann at> writes:
> > However, the proposed options for future business models were quite 
> > different. Where on the one hand proprietary models based on GNU/Linux 
> > were prefered, the other strong hand favorited service based models with 
> > free software. [...]
> Is it possible to have more descriptions of some of the models
> discussed, please?  Personally, I find it fascinating to see what the
> current thinking in this area is.

Well, the models were not discussed in detail. Aside what Jan-Oliver
mentioned company representatives stressed that they see their business 
in the service area, where profits might be smaller than with just 
selling licences. But as already said, since customers demand the
freedoms, the service models are seen as superior.

Services were mostly meant as customisation, configuration, extending of
existing free software, etc.



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