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> To me this looks really at the borderline of legal behaviour.  The BSA
> is playing the policeman, trying to convince people that it is a
> public service that acts to protect the law. 

Yes, you are right.

> Moreover, it advertizes
> itself with keywords that have nothing to do with the site itself, to
> attract more people and show them that they (BSA) are the authority in
> the field of copyright protection.


Great thing, you have found there. I´ll have to think about it, what we can 
do with that.

> I strongly suspect that the site is against the law in Austria as
> well. Is there some Austrian willing to invest some time on the issue?

I am generally willing to invest time in the BSA. But in that particular 
case, I guess I am the wrong one. (No sufficient legal background)

> It would be great if we manage to show how the BSA is misbehaving.

Why? What do you have against the BSA? They just want the same thing, we 
want: They want to diminish software piracy. It´s just the small problem that 
they do it on the wrong end of the problem. They are only trying to get some 
publicity against the actual pirates of piratable software. (By the way, they 
gave an 'official' statement, that everything they do is only for publicity. 
If some action wouldn´t give them publicity, they won´t do it / forbid it)
We are working to remove the root of the problem: The existance of piratable 
software. The whole software piracy problem will be away (and that´s what the 
BSA says they want), if the possibility of pirateable software is gone (and 
that´s what we should teach the BSA). Just look at their statements. The 
software industry looses millions of dollars and euros from piracy. If we 
solve the root of the problem, all those losses will be gone.

Just imagine about press releases stating that the BSA favors free software 
to get rid of the software piracy problem ..

I´m not quite sure what it would help us to show the BSA that they are 
misbehaving. The BSA is a group of Marketing freaks, who have to job to do 
publicity against software piracy.

I guess that they can´t react properly on a attack on the base you are 

Altough I agree that it is against basic principles to do what the BSA did, 
and that it is a basic principle to do something against it, I think it 
doesn´t help anyone, if we attack them because of it.

What kind of publicity do you expect from that attack?

But keep working on the BSA issue. They are a funny doll to play with.

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