Associazione Software Libero (AsSoLi) becomes associate of FSF Europe

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Tue Oct 9 09:15:38 UTC 2001

   "Associazione Software Libero (AsSoLi) becomes associate of the 
    FSF Europe"

The FSF Europe is pleased to announce that the Associazione Software
Libero (AsSoLi) is now an associate organization of the Free Software
Foundation Europe.

The AsSoLi has joined the FSF Europe to actively support its
activities and work for Free Software in Europe, beginning in Italy
where the association has already begun a compaign providing
high-quality information for Free Software.

The first and most important task AsSoLi is currently working on is
the new italian law 248/2000, which is damaging to Free Software in
Italy. (

The AsSoLi will start working together with Free Software Foundation
Europe on relevant topics for Italy and, if possibile, for all of

"When we built the basis for this cooperation earlier this year, I
experienced the Italian Free Software community to be very lively and
energetic. We are very glad that AsSoLi wants to work so closely with
the FSF Europe on building a Free Software Europe."

says Georg Greve, President of Free Software Foundation Europe

"I'm really satisfied that the FSF Europe recognized AsSoLi as an
associated organization. We see this fact as the first step of a great
collaboration in the diffusion and spreading in Italy of Free Software
and its philosophy, which determined its born and allow its

says Simone Piccardi, President of Associazione Software Libero

About the Associazione Software Libero:

The Associazione Software Libero is a non-profit association with the
primary goal of spreading Free Software in Italy.
More information:

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe) was founded in 2001
as the sister organization of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in
the USA to take care of all aspects of Free Software in Europe.
More information:

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