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On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 06:50:46PM +0200, Heiko Degenhardt wrote:

> > It is stressed several times that "Linux" comes without costs.
> But that is not the main point in our argumentation.
> On you can find
> a "Pingos.txt" (only in German, sorry). In Section 2 I'm summarising
> the main advantages that we see for the use of GNU/Linux at schools.

Still the most stressed point is low costs.
Not much about Freedom of software and its advantages for education.
Browsing did not reveal that the GNU-Projekt which made
Linux-based operatings possible is mentioned.

> > Personally I feel that the project should gently also introduced to
> > the mid-term and long-term advantages gained through Free Software.

I wanted to write "the project should introduce..."

> Ack. I'm thinking about that (may take a while ;)).
> We see the advantages of Free Software. That's why we are trying
> to focus on our (currently) 5 software projects and the SelfLinux
> documentation. May be we should try to make that more transparent
> to the outside. But, to be fair, we currently have the problem that
> our members seem to have not that much time for developing their
> software projects (me included, because I'm more busy doing the
> administrative work that has to be done). Short: Point taken!

> Btw: Would it be ok for you if we switch to German language
> and to discuss further on fsfe-de?

I just mailed to both lists to keep interested people
informed so that they can respond.


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