The German PingoS project

Heiko Degenhardt heiko.degenhardt at
Thu Oct 4 16:50:46 UTC 2001

Hello Bernhard, hello FSFE-Team,

(sorry, I'm replying to both lists):

* Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> [010930 19:34]:
> On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 10:48:32AM +0200, Heiko Degenhardt wrote:
> The team at address reaches the core team directly.
> The two mailinglists discussion at and
> fsfe-de at also are good places to get in contact with
> all or the German speaking FSFE people.

Thanks for the hints! I'm subscribed to both lists now,
looking forward to fruitful discussions. :)

> From what I know about PingoS, the project focusses on
> some of the practial advantages of GNU/Linux and Free Software.


> It is stressed several times that "Linux" comes without costs.

But that is not the main point in our argumentation.
On you can find
a "Pingos.txt" (only in German, sorry). In Section 2 I'm summarising
the main advantages that we see for the use of GNU/Linux at schools.

> Personally I feel that the project should gently also introduced to
> the mid-term and long-term advantages gained through Free Software.

Ack. I'm thinking about that (may take a while ;)).
We see the advantages of Free Software. That's why we are trying
to focus on our (currently) 5 software projects and the SelfLinux
documentation. May be we should try to make that more transparent
to the outside. But, to be fair, we currently have the problem that
our members seem to have not that much time for developing their
software projects (me included, because I'm more busy doing the
administrative work that has to be done). Short: Point taken!

> Maybe we can meet and chat about how we can help each others.
> I think Georg Greve will be in Berlin for the WOS2

It seems that Andreas Tille of the PingoS project will be at WOS,
but only on thursday and friday. 

> and the FSFE will have a small booth at the Systems in Munich 
> from 15-19.  Oktober.

Ok, fine. We have a booth there, too.

> These might be good occasions.

Yes. I'm planning to be in Munich, too (I think friday till
sunday). I will try to meet some of you there.

Thanks for your mail, Bernhard (and for yours, too, 

Btw: Would it be ok for you if we switch to German language
and to discuss further on fsfe-de?


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