Linux Intern - Free Software as binaries, but no source

Rodger Etz-Brown reb at
Mon Oct 1 12:17:57 UTC 2001

Hi all,

I just came a cross a new issue of a German magazine called 'Linux intern'. Publisher is Data Becker.

It comes with a Debian GNU/Linux CD. But it seems that they don't tell you where to get the sources.

IMHO, this violates the GPL under which most of the S/W contained is published. From previous
experience, where my company printed a Debian CD but did not mention where to get the sources, we
got complains, quite rightly, so we had to add this.

Reason why I bring this up is because there is actually more in the magazine, that I disagree with,
in particular the 'review' of the Debian project.

Questions are:

Has anybody else seen this mag and agrees that the link to the sources is missing?
If it is missing, does this violate the GPL?
How to react to this? Would it be somebody like the FSF Europe or the Debian project that contacts
the publishers?


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