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Sat Nov 24 11:29:29 UTC 2001

"Georg C. F. Greve" wrote:

>  mr> What did FSFEurope hope to achieve here?
> When the issue began, we exchanged several emails with the SourceForge
> people about the questions we had and got no answers.
> Especially since they announced earlier that they would add
> proprietary "features," this got us concerned.
> We then tried to resolve these issues with SourceForge by talking to
> them, but after initially offering to solve the problems, they created
> their "you give us all rights, we make no promises" copyright
> assignment and ended the discussion.

Actually this is not the best way to try to solve this very
important issue about Free Software.
IMHO that was a very poor attempt to misappropriate the work of
someone else. A *very* different approach than FSF, who asks Free 
Software developers to assign them copyright to *ensure* it will
_always_ be free as speech, not as beer.

> Because we could not resolve the problems directly with SourceForge,
> it became our goal to create awareness for the problems that are
> created by this development for the Free Software community. Since
> Loic was the one who was most deeply involved in the matter, he felt
> compelled to write a statement about it, so he did.
> Given the amount of discussion this has triggered, I guess there is
> noone who hasn't heard about it by now, so at least some awareness may
> have been created.

You all made a very good job. Thank you very much.

> Was this necessary? I believe it was.

Yes, it was. Definitely yes!

> Could we have found a better way of doing it? Maybe.

For what it counts for, I find it a very good way.

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