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Fri Nov 23 08:59:50 UTC 2001

On Friday 23 November 2001 09:43, Loic Dachary wrote:
> 	I'm a bit confused here, does someone have precise information on
> this subject ?

this is the comment that appeared on the swpat mailing lits at

> From: PILCH Hartmut <phm at>
> Under
>   Germany speaks out for open source
> you find another clueless article on the recent German study. A
> pseudo-debate about "maintaining the conservative EPO practise" vs
> "extending patent laws to adjust to US practise" is under way, and
> European journalists, are copying/translating/transcribing press releases
> exchanged between patent movement activists wearing the hats of
> governments, corporations or law firms.
> That is how the invisible hand in the newsmedia economy, especially on the
> Internet, works:  it punishes real research and rewards fast thoughtless
> "copywriting".  The iron rule of such copywriting is
> 	Thou shalt not reveal thy source
> Thus you find the same junk all over the news media, without a link to the
> original press release, but each of them hoping to attract some hits to
> some advertiser's page.
> Given these iron rules, we must be glad that the media treat the subject
> at all.
> More real information about this is being built up at
> But never expect this link to be given by any of the upcoming clueless big
> media reports.

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