FSF Europe initiative: "We speak about Free Software"

Brian Gough bjg at zerowork.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 11:20:33 UTC 2001

Free Software Foundation Europe writes:
 > The terminology "Open Source" refers to having access to the source
 > code. But access to the source code is only a precondition for two of
 > the four freedoms that define Free Software. Many people do not
 > understand that access to the source code alone is not enough.

As an example: the finance library R-Quant, which describes itself as
"open-source" but has a restrictive non-commercial license,

     R-Quant is an open source project. Thus the software or other
   derivative materials can be downloaded and used for free for any
   non-commercial purpose:
     * Download and use binary and source distributions for free to test
       or evaluate the software.
     * Download and use binary and source distributions for free in
       non-commercial research, teaching or other academic activities.
     * This software as well as its documentation or other related
       materials can not be used in any commercial application without
       written permission or official license granted by the author.


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