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Thu Nov 15 02:33:21 UTC 2001

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 03:14:14PM +0000, phil hunt wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 November 2001  3:29 am, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Phil:
> > > Open source and free software are the same thing (essentially)
> > > with a different name.
> > > Would a rose by another name smell as sweet?
> >
> > Yes, but one man says it is pink, while another says it is red, so
> > there is disagreement.
> About the name, not the fact.

Uhmm...  I don't  want to be pedantic (and maybe  we are just saying
the same thing), but, for the sake of clarity...


# Relationship between  the Free  Software movement and  Open Source
# movement
#   The Free Software movement and the Open Source movement are like
#   two political camps within the free software community. 
#   Radical  groups   in  the  1960s  developed   a  reputation  for
#   factionalism:  organizations split  because of  disagreements on
#   details of strategy, and then  hated each other.  They agreed on
#   the   basic  principles,   and  disagreed   only   on  practical
#   recommendations;  but they  considered each  other  enemies, and
#   fought tooth  and nail.  Or at  least, such is  the image people
#   have, whether or not it was accurate.
#   The relationship between the Free Software movement and the Open
#   Source  movement  is  just  the  opposite of  that  picture.  We
#   disagree on the basic principles,  but agree more or less on the
#   practical  recommendations. So we  can and  do work  together on
#   many  specific projects.   We  don't think  of  the Open  Source
#   movement as an enemy.  The enemy is proprietary software.
#   We are not  against the Open Source movement,  but we don't want
#   to  be  lumped in  with  them.  We  acknowledge that  they  have
#   contributed to our community,  but we created our community.  We
#   want people  to associate our  achievements with our  values and
#   our  philosophy.  We want  to  be  heard,  not hidden  behind  a
#   different view.

So, Open Soure and Free  Software are two different flowers --- even
if they may look similar (at least, sometimes).  But, since they are
different, their name does matter... :-)



P.S.: one of the persons  who really considered Open Source and Free
      Software almost the same thing  was Bruce Perens --- and, when
      this consideration proved itself to be wrong, he left the OSI,
      and started to speak about Free Software again... 
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