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MJ Ray markj at
Wed Nov 14 15:45:07 UTC 2001

> > > I think it would be more effective if you didn't come across so
> > > extreme.
> > Sorry, I meant death on a corporate level, not a personal one.
> Sure, but even that's too harsh, IMO.

Why?  If it's them or us, I want it to be them.

> (Now if you'd said you wanted to see Microsoft bankrupt... :-))

Why one rule for MS and another for VA?  To me, it's immaterial who is
threatening us.  MS is not the great Satan, although they do have a proven
track record as a "predatory monopolist" or whatever the US judges said.

> > None of the others are incompatible directions with the others,
> Sure they are, you can't run Linux and BSD on the same box at the 
> same time (unless you're using something like VMware).

They are free unix-like operating systems which share much code.  I'd call
that more compatible than mutually exclusive.

> > Is there place for non-free software in the free software
> > community?
> The cxommunity is made up of people not programs. Is there a place
> for people who use non-free software in the free software community?
> Yes, IMO.

That's where we'll have to differ.  I don't think that we should support
predatory proprietary software at all.  What you do in your own time is up
to you, but it is clearly outside this movement.

Why do I think they're incompatible?  Well, the creator of the non-free is
compelled (by law, usually) to try to corner the market, while the creator
of the free may try to make a good implementation.

> > Oh, and if you call it a wug, I shall insist the plural is wugfskz.
> Splitter. :-)

I'm not the one in the People's Front of Judea! :-)

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