The FSF Europe recommends: avoid SourceForge

phil hunt philh at
Wed Nov 14 15:07:46 UTC 2001

On Wednesday 14 November 2001  3:06 am, Armin Herbert wrote:
> on tue, 13. nov 01 5:41 pm met phil hunt wrote:
> > The way I see it is that VA has in all been of benefit to the
> > free software community. Sourceforge *has* been helpful to many
> > projects, even if less helpful than some people want.
> I didn't hear anything else yet. Noone from FSFE denies sourceforge
> has been very helpful and inspired many developers to concentrate
> on their projects and not on the work to organize them. The direct
> opposite is the case.
> >> but still...) instead of helping to restart the stalled project.
> >> No-one will benefit from VA going under right now, least of all
> >> FSFE if their hands have blood on them.
> >
> > True. FSFE won't lok good out of it.
> 1. Other projects have less features than sourceforge, agree?
> 2. People will use those facilities that have the most features
> they need, agree?
> 3. => in the beginning times of the development, only few
> developers will use projects like Savannah. What must be done to
> change this? 4. You say "Make the codebase better"

PHPGroupWare is moving from Sourceforge to Savannah. It is also 
integrating a sorceforge--_like toolset into its codebase, which
will be used by Savannah. This is good.

Slagging off Sourceforge is bad. It is counter productive.

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