The FSF Europe recommends: avoid SourceForge

Armin Herbert herbert at
Wed Nov 14 03:06:56 UTC 2001

on tue, 13. nov 01 5:41 pm met phil hunt wrote:

> The way I see it is that VA has in all been of benefit to the
> free software community. Sourceforge *has* been helpful to many
> projects, even if less helpful than some people want.

I didn't hear anything else yet. Noone from FSFE denies sourceforge has 
been very helpful and inspired many developers to concentrate on their 
projects and not on the work to organize them. The direct opposite is the 

>> but still...) instead of helping to restart the stalled project.
>> No-one will benefit from VA going under right now, least of all
>> FSFE if their hands have blood on them.
> True. FSFE won't lok good out of it.

1. Other projects have less features than sourceforge, agree?
2. People will use those facilities that have the most features they need, 
3. => in the beginning times of the development, only few developers will 
use projects like Savannah. What must be done to change this?
4. You say "Make the codebase better"
5. The FSFE says "Don't use sourceforge, use other projects"

I think this is good teamwork. Some work on improving the code, some work 
on keeping developers away from the commercial competition. And some 
discuss about who's needed more.

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