The FSF Europe recommends: avoid SourceForge

MJ Ray markj at
Tue Nov 13 23:01:17 UTC 2001

> > FSFE is kicking someone when they're down (deservedly down, IMO,
> Deservedly? Why? 
> The way I see it is that VA has in all been of benefit to the
> free software community. Sourceforge *has* been helpful to many
> projects, even if less helpful than some people want.

SF wasn't created from altruism and now they have turned their back on open
source, which IIRC they helped to create as an attempt to replace free
software.  The balance has changed and SF now does a lot more for VA than it
does for the community.  It was basically a mind-share land-grab for VA, the
same reason that it bought, and if they are going to try to
*alter* community direction, they must be resisted, to the point of death.

Harsh, I know, but a community can't go two ways at once and still be one
community.  They've already had one failed fork attempt with "open source"
and this attempt must fail too.  If they don't get any pain from these
attempted subversions, they will not learn not to do them.

> True. FSFE won't lok good out of it.

No, indeed.  This seems to have revealed some confusion in the FSFE team,
but it looks as though it will only be covered by the "community media" and
not the mainstream press.  Hopefully, FSFE will concentrate more on
positives than negatives in future and try to keep track of what its members
are doing.  If it can get a positive on this topic out in the next day or
so, the earlier negative may get even less coverage in the weeklies and


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