The FSF Europe recommends: avoid SourceForge

Alex Hudson home at
Mon Nov 12 13:55:56 UTC 2001

On Monday 12 November 2001 1:04 pm, you wrote:
> You have our best of luck for this.  Are you basing this upon the
> sourceforge code (from a year ago) ?

I hope not :)

I used to have to hack on a version of SourceForge about a year ago for an 
employer, and it's appalling code. I personally believe that php is 
incredibly difficult to program well, but I've seen much better code than 
that of SF (I hope mine is better, anyway :).

It mentions that php will be used, perhaps with phpGroupWare? 

It's worrying that company like VA {whatever} is going to base their whole 
business on SourceForge: I don't really see that it's going to be able to 
compete with the likes of StarTeam, etc., and it's certainly not the finest 
codebase in the world on which to expand.


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