SmoothWall facts

MJ Ray markj at
Thu Nov 8 20:37:27 UTC 2001

> If you are intending to be truly helpful, why post this to a public list in
> the haphazard hope that someone from the dev team will read it

We know you are here.  The only lists which are not moderated are not read
by the dev team and this message was unlikely to be approved, or at least
that's the impression I've got over the last few months.

> > [snip]
> > - It contains many .gif files
> What free software issues are there with using GIFs, the UNISYS malarkey
> aside?

Does the GPL say something about patents?

> A website listed in your signature ( contains GIFs -
> should I therefore take issue with your website?

Only if he tries to distribute it under the GPL.  I'm surprised it still
does, though, Loic?

Anyway, neuro, you see "attacks and insults" when Loic just posted a list of
problems.  From what I've seen, he's not a bad guy (unlike that "egg sarnie"
character on uk.comp.os.linux), so why not take what he says as a "TODO"
list, rather than spoiling for a fight?  If you *want* to attack GNU project
members, that's your choice, but it doesn't strike me as a terribly bright


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